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Why use Auto Delivery?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, once auto delivery is activated on one of many subscription qualifying products, you will be charged automatically on the same day of the next month - unless stopped.

Yes, you can edit items such as your email address, shipping information, change the subscription intervals, add or remove products, change the quantity of your delivery, skip future orders and pause, resume, cancel or reactivate your Auto Delivery subscription.

You will be able to cancel your subscription in the Seal Subscriptions customer portal, which can be accessed via the link received in your subscription email or by logging into your account on our website

Yes, of course! You can reactivate your subscription whenever you please.

We will try again another 2 times before cancelling your Auto Delivery subscription.

As all of our food products are made fresh and to order, it can take up to three weeks for orders containing food to be sent out.

Subscribing to our Auto Delivery service ensure we are as prepared and efficient as we can be for your order to be delivered routinely.

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